Kitchen Dominator

Kitchen Dominator is a family business that makes cutting boards of amazing quality and feel.
We personally take care of every detail before our product is sent to you.


Because our boards are carefully crafted manually. We put all our love and care in the making of every board.
We are on a mission to deliver the best quality and durability to you and your family.

We use the best wood growing in Europe – natural dried or steamed walnut or cherry.
Wood with extremely beautiful natural radiance. Yet strong enough to meet be used as a cutting board.
Boards are treated with high-quality plant oils which makes them eco-friendly and safe.


We do not use any chemicals during production
and our boards are breathable, UV- and water-resistant, Vegan.
*Oil composition: orange oil, linseed oil, colophony glycerol ester with organic acids, sunflower oil, castor oil, hydrogenated castor oil, lecithin